Introduction to Reliability of Mechanical Systems

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Lecture note sections to be covered (links in Lecture Note section below)

  • Robustness and Opportuneness, pp.3-11: statically loaded beam.
  • Fourier expansion, example. Exercise problem on Uncertainty, #4.
  • Robustness and Opportuneness, pp.12-14: statically loaded beam:
  • Geometry of ellipsoids, example. Exercise problem on Uncertainty, #5a,b:
  • Robustness and Opportuneness: statically loaded beam, pp.15-17:
  • Robustness and Opportuneness: vibrating cantilever, pp.27-36:
  • Performance vs Robustness of a Cantilever.
  • Two coupled harmonic oscillator example.
  • Heat conduction example.
  • Probabilistic failure models.
  • Acceptance testing.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes on Performance vs. Robustness of a Cantilever

Lecture Notes on Info-gap Uncertainty

Lecture notes on robustness and opportuneness

Fourier expansion, example

Geometry of ellipsoids, example

Two coupled harmonic oscillator example

Heat conduction example

Lecture notes on probabilistic failure models

Lecture notes on acceptance testing

Lecture notes on censoring and estimation in statistical sampling


93 problems on Info-Gap Robustness and Opportuneness

12 problems and solutions on Acceptance Tests

15 problems and solutions on Probabilistic Failure Models