My Work

My research is on decision making under deep uncertainty. The questions that I primarily study are methodological: How to support decision making when there are major gaps in our data, knowledge and understanding? What are the trade offs and trade-ons? How to prioritize decision alternatives? What is the value of further information? How to assess the robustness against pernicious uncertainty, as well as the opportuneness from propitious uncertainty? These methodological decision-support questions are especially pertinent for high-consequence decisions in new and changing situations, or when facing new and innovative options that are incompletely understood.

I initiated and developed info-gap decision theory for modeling and managing deep uncertainty. Info-gap theory has impacted the fundamental understanding of uncertainty in human affairs, and is applied by scholars and practitioners around the world in engineering, biological conservation, economics, national security, project management, climate change, natural hazard response, medicine, and other areas. You will find lots of information about info-gap theory and its applications at info-gap.com (equivalently at info-gap.technion.ac.il).

My Books

Front cover

Yakov Ben-Haim, Dilemmas of Wonderland: Decisions in the Age of Innovation, Oxford University Press, Sept. 2018. ISBN 978-0-19-882223-3. Description. Click for reviews. Publisher’s website, flyer and OUP blog. Technion community link to the book.

Info-Gap Economics: An Operational Introduction

Yakov Ben-Haim, 2010, Info-Gap Economics: An Operational Introduction, Palgrave-Macmillan. ISBN 978-0-23022-804-7. Description and endorsements. Publisher’s website.

Info-Gap Decision Theory: Decisions Under Severe Uncertainty

Yakov Ben-Haim, 2006, Info-Gap Decision Theory: Decisions Under Severe Uncertainty, 2nd edition, Academic Press, London, ISBN 0-12-373552-1. Description and reviews. More information at Publisher’s webpage. Informative flyer.

Robust Reliability in the mechanical sceinces

Yakov Ben-Haim, 1996, Robust Reliability in the Mechanical Sciences, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-61058-8. Abstract, description and excerpts of reviews. Publishers’s website.

Convex Models of Uncertainty in Applied Mechanics,

Yakov Ben-Haim and Isaac Elishakoff, 1990, Convex Models of Uncertainty in Applied Mechanics, Elsevier Science Publishers, ISBN 0-444-88406-8. Description and excerpts of reviews. Publisher’s website.

The Assay of Spatially Random Material

Yakov Ben-Haim, 1985, The Assay of Spatially Random Material, Springer (Kluwer Academic Publishers), ISBN 90-277-2066-5. Description Publisher’s website.